Budapest Rail Node Study


Budapest has a strategic location in the heart of Europe at the crossroads of national Trans-European and international transport corridors. The Hungarian capital is one of the most important economical centres of Central Europe. Easily accessible by rail, road, water and air, Budapest has significant passenger and freight transit traffic on its transport networks.

Budapest is the largest city of Hungary with about 30 percent of the population living, working or studying in the capital.

Budapest Rail Node Study addresses future railway development. The main goal is to prepare a valid development document meeting 21st century standards, considering the viewpoint of citizens, the country and economical stakeholders.

Railroad transportation is a common cause, this is why it is of great importance that citizens and the interest groups concerned can share their opinion and experience in the form of public planning.

Please share your opinion to make this possible.

We are looking forward to your ideas for improving the railway development in Budapest!